About Us

Moscow Language Exchange is organized by people who love languages. With your help we’ve created the biggest weekly event in Moscow, with over 300 people every week. 

We’re just normal people, with a job and all that, that decided to organize a small gathering for friends to practice our language skills and to meet new people in such a big city like Moscow.

The event has grown, but the team sticks to the same premises that brought us here. To make sure people have fun and meet new people while they practice their language skills. 

To maintain this, we always welcome people who want to give us a hand, we’ve got a life behind this, but we take this seriously to make sure all of the people that come to our events, feel an amazingly good experience.

If you want to contact us for any reason, feel free to do so, drop us a line by mail. We encourage all of you not to contact us personally by social networks, we will address you to the email. You’re also welcome to talk about anything related the event during the events. We just want to enjoy our life outside MoscowLEM as much as we enjoy our life related to it. 

Contact Us

Contact us by email: We try to answer ASAP.

Contact us through our Facebook page: http://facebook.com/MoscowLEM
Click on the “Message” button and we’ll answer you there ASAP.

IMPORTANT: Before contacting us…

If you have questions about the event, we recommend you to read first the “Frequently Asked Questions” section on this website. If your question is not answered there, we welcome you to ask us this question through the email, maybe we’ll add it to the list. But be sure you’ve checked the FAQ before sending your email, you’ll save time and we’ll save time too. Life’s short, don’t waste it! 😀

Want to PARTNER with us? SPONSOR us?

We always welcome new partners, sponsors, anybody that wants to help us improve the meetings we organize. Please feel free to contact us through the email or the Facebook message way, make sure you add “PARTNER or SPONSOR” on the subject of the message.

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MoscowLEM - Moscow Language Exchange Meeting is organized by Rat Pack Events