MoscowLEM: Our Events

We organize several language gatherings several days a week. We love meeting new people and practicing our language skills, and we love watching people happy in our events. That’s why we have decided to organize several events more, some starting in May 2015 and some others in September 2015,

We partnered with Moscow Gourmet organizing different food & drink events with some language focus. More information about this will follow in September 2015.


Sundays @ 6pm – Language Exchange Meeting


Moscow’s Language Exchange Meeting started long time ago. It never cancels. In summer it moves to the park (check “PARK SEASON” below). We meet in a bar, check the event to know where, to practice our language skills, meet new people and play board games while enjoying a drink and maybe some food. MoscowLEM has changed the way we experience Sunday evenings, from a boring and frustrating evening to an evening you’re waiting for all week long. Don’t miss it! 😉



When the sun shines over Moscow, we forget about bars and meet at Park Gorkogo to enjoy this awesome weather. We play volleyball, badminton, and some people bring board games and card games. Bring some food and enjoy a cozy evening in the park with great company. Don’t miss it and experience the summer with us!

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MoscowLEM - Moscow Language Exchange Meeting is organized by Rat Pack Events